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Please note: you will be taken to my other website to read these articles. I am in the process of updating the Sport Shaman website to include these articles. Thank you for understanding.

1) Passion and the art of Thriving: How to create long term harmonious passion in your life

2) Power in Silence - Ready for Success: How to reset your mind to have intrinsic motivation, internal reward, focus, and success

3) Thesis: The power of presence on elite and Olympic athlete: competence, confidence, flow, joy, leadership, longevity, and legacy. Includes "how to create positive and confident thoughts, visualizations, feelings, experiences and outcomes".

4) How you can benefit community by taking the time to experience flow


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"From the very first time I worked with Sandra, she blew me away with how much I learned, how well I performed, and how great I felt. I continue to work with Sandra because I see the benefits reflected in every aspect of my life." Olympic hopeful, 2013

"Sandra’s guidance helped me to develop my self-mastery and achieve success." World Championship Athlete, 2013

 "Sandy is an exceptionally gifted performance coach. On days when I couldn't get it together, I remembered what Sandra taught me, and I was able to gain focus and surprise myself with my results.” Olympic Athlete, 2011

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